Tips for Traveling With Teenagers in Monterey

February 25, 2022
Travel with Teenagers to Monterey - Teens taking selfies

Traveling with teens can be like a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. Teens are at an age where they want more control over their experiences and won't be entertained by a day on the swings. However, traveling with teens can be a rewarding experience for the whole family.

Traveling with Teenagers in Monterey

Teenagers planning a trip

Traveling with teens is an adjustment, but if you give your teens independence, exciting activities, and time to stay connected with their friends, you can enjoy smooth sailing instead of stormy weather.

Have Your Teen Help with Trip Planning

Teens are usually quite independent and have ideas of their own! So instead of coming up with the vacation plan like you did when they were three, have your teens help with the planning process. Your teens can research and plan different activities and choose restaurants.

Your teens won't complain that the vacation is boring if they plan the activities.

Allow for Extra Rest

What teenagers tell us: they need to sleep! Teens need more rest and sleep than adults. So, when you first arrive at your destination, allow teens to recover in your hotel before rushing off on an adventure. In addition, let your teens sleep in.

Teens are often more alert in the evenings, so you can enjoy late dinners and game nights.

Plan Outdoor Adventures

Teens don't want to tell their friends they went to museums or art galleries. Instead, teens often seek more active adventures and new experiences.

Encourage your teens to research and plan fun Monterey activities like a whale watching tour, electric bike tour, or a kayaking adventure. Young teens will love checking out Monterey's fascinating tide pools with unique creatures and photo opportunities.

You won't need to sacrifice exploring the area's history and culture, as each outdoor activity will let you experience it first-hand.

Let Your Teens Explore on Their Own

Teenagers surfing

If your teens are older, they probably don't need to be by your side 24/7. Instead, your teens might want to do an activity by themselves while you grab a coffee.

For example, your teens might want to take a surfing lesson or watch a movie in the hotel room while you enjoy a trip to the museum.

Give Your Teens Screen Time

If your teens have a smartphone and usually keep in touch with their friends over social media and text, let them keep the contact going. Of course, all family members should adhere to usual screen time limitations, but teens need to stay in touch with their friends.

Hopefully, your teens will be having a great family vacation and will enjoy sharing photos and updates with their peers.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Some teens can be pretty picky about what they eat—however, it's fun to try the area's local cuisine while on vacation. Don't force your kids to eat monkey eyes if they don't feel up to it, but trying differently spiced and prepared foods can be a rewarding experience.

Have your teens research and choose local restaurants and see if they are interested in trying something new for dinner.

Budget and Souvenirs

Seashells souvenir store

Teens will soon be off payroll. They can help with vacation budgeting and choose activities that fit into the budget. Set a fixed budget for souvenirs, so you don't come home with 95 Monterey hats. Instead, they can window-shop and choose their favorite items without draining your bank account.

Enjoy Traveling with Teenagers in Monterey

Monterey is a beautiful location to explore with your family. Teens will be impressed at the variety of outdoor activities, and everyone can bask in the California sun while enjoying time together.


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