Ride-On Over to the California Rodeo Salinas

August 27, 2021
California Rodeo Salinas - Man riding a horse

The California Rodeo Salinas is the place to go for excitement, family fun, and non-stop action. This not-for-profit organization gives proceeds to local nonprofits.

About the Rodeo‍

The California Rodeo Salinas is the most famous rodeo event in California. It draws over 600 cowgirls and cowboys who compete for the sought-after silver and gold Salinas belt buckle. Popular events include bull riding, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, and team racing. There are also horse races, barrel races, mutton busting, and other fun performances.

General Information‍

Woman riding a horse

Parking is available on-site, starts at $10, and is first-come, first-served. Across the midway, you can find food, beverage, and merchandise vendors.

Rodeo Events‍

The Rodeo is jam-packed with events. Enjoy the kid-friendly Kid Corral, watch races, or enjoy the thrill of a freestyle bullfight.

2021 Professional Bull Riding Pro Event‍

This event draws the top bull riders who test their skills in the ring. Non-stop action will keep fans on the edge of their seats. The finale finishes with fireworks that will light up the night.

Chuck Wagon Racing‍

In this event, wagons drawn by four horses race through the dirt. Three wagons compete, but only one can win! These races run every day during the rodeo.

Horse Show‍

Woman riding a horse - 2

Horses and riders compete in three classes: hackamore, open bridle, and non-pro bridle. Horses and riders are judged on neatness, control, and agility. Watch the horse show throughout the event as competitors move forward to the final performance.

Freestyle Bullfights‍

During this event, a bullfighter faces a bull one-on-one for 70 seconds. The bullfighter aims to stay as close as possible to the bull and often shows off exciting maneuvers like jumping over the charging bull. Bullfighters score higher when the bull is more aggressive. They are competing for $20,000 in prize money. Bullfighting is a fan favorite!

Industrial Calf Dressing‍

In this fun event, contestants dress a calf in a pair of huge Wranglers. Whoever finishes first wins! There are several events, and the top three teams will compete in the Calf Dressing Championship on Sunday.

Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls Trick Riding‍

The cowboy girls perform impressive tricks while riding horses. This entertaining show runs every day of the rodeo.

Barrel Race‍

Barrel racing shows off a cowgirl's horseman skills. Horses and riders follow a cloverleaf pattern around the barrels and race to the finish. Reviews for finishing times are usually so close. Clocks need to be accurate to the hundredth of a second.

Kids Corral‍

Kid petting a goat

The Kids Corral provides endless entertainment options for the whole family. Kids can enjoy a petting zoo, carnival games, inflatable slides and bounce houses, and crafts. In addition, there's on-stage entertainment with prizes and contests. Kids can get temporary tattoos, enjoy a giant bubble round-up, or visit the sand and water attraction.

Mutton Busting‍

Mutton Busting is another favorite with kids. Kids ride sheep in front of an excited crowd and have the chance to compete for a championship belt buckle.

Matt Merritt Rodeo Entertainer‍

Matt Merritt will get you laughing every evening with jokes, dance moves, and fun routines.

Heritage Museum‍

Stop by the Heritage Museum to see memorabilia such as saddles, tack, and cowboy hats from previous shows.

Enjoy Monterey, California‍

The Monterey area is home to many exciting events and festivals. There's always something to do and something new to discover. After enjoying the excitement of the rodeo, it might be time to relax and drink some wine. Enjoy all the cultural activities Central California has to offer!


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