Top 5 Best Mobile Travel Apps

July 8, 2022
Best Mobile Travel Apps - Tourist in her mobile phone

Traveling can be great fun, but it can also be an organizational drama. Luckily, there’s an app for that, so you can focus on having fun instead of searching for deals and looking for directions.

Five Best Mobile Travel Apps

Mobile Travel Apps make traveling easier. Our favorite apps help you pack smartly, get around a new place, and find the best food in the city. In addition, travel apps can help you find photo spots and share your travel photos. Finally, stay paper and hassle-free by ordering attraction tickets from an app.

PackPoint (Google Play | iOS)

PackPoint App

PackPoint puts together your packing list for you. This handy app researches your destination and checks the destination weather. You can choose to pack for a business trip or a leisure trip and pick any activities you might want to enjoy.

PackPoint then puts together a packing list for you. For example, if the weather looks great and you’ve chosen a swimming activity, the app will remind you to bring your swimsuit. You can check off items as you pack or swipe to delete suggestions. PackPoint helps you bring the right amount of items instead of overpacking or underpacking. In addition, the app may remind you of things you might forget, such as a sweater for forecasted cool evenings.

Citymapper (Google Play | iOS)

If you hate feeling lost while you navigate a new place, Citymapper can help you out. This handy app will show you a variety of ways to get around. Citymapper shows rideshare services such as Lyft, as well as public transportation such as trains and buses.

The app shows you the fastest route and method. It also shows the cost of each transportation method. Citymapper then gives instructions on how to reach the train or bus station and guides you while you walk.

Zomato (Google Play | iOS)


Zomato is a food lovers app. Trying new restaurants is part of the charm of traveling, and Zomato will make sure you know your choices.

You can search by ingredient or dish if you want something specific for dinner. For example, you might be dreaming of the spicy taste of jalapeno or be hankering for truffle parmesan fries.

Zomato features lunch recommendations, trendy restaurants, and nightlife spots. You can search on the map and view menus and reviews.

Framey (Google Play | iOS)

Framey is a fantastic app for sharing travel photos and researching travel destinations. Instead of endlessly scrolling on Instagram or mindlessly liking things on Facebook, Framey lets you search for specific destinations. In addition, you can follow friends or be inspired by travel professionals and creators.

Framey has a map feature so you can find the best vistas and add your own photos to specific locations. You can pin photos to a road trip map and enjoy exploring, sharing, and reliving your trip.

Get Your Guide (Google Play | iOS)

Get Your Guide App

Get Your Guide helps you find tickets to attractions and stores them in the app, so you don’t have to print anything or remember to bring pesky paper tickets.

Get Your Guide shows attractions at your destination and suggests fun activities. Get Your Guide also offers access to tools like the Lonely Planet app. In addition, Get Your Guide offers discounts on various tours and tickets.

Stay Focused with These Useful Travel Apps

Travel apps help you stay organized, find where you are going, and enjoy your destination. If you are traveling with the family, check out our tips for traveling with teens and enjoy the journey.


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