Discover Carmel-by-the-Sea

January 10, 2020
things to do in carmel by the sea
Get your friends and family together to experience this beautiful scenery known as Carmel-by-the-Sea and its other attractions.
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New Year's Eve

December 27, 2019
New Year's Eve celebrations in Monterey CA
Make the end of this year memorable in Monterey with these plans!
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Del Monte Beach Trip

December 13, 2019
Del Monte Beach in Monterey, CA
Enjoy the outdoors and get ready for an amazing time at Del Monte Beach!
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Monterey Weddings

November 29, 2019
holiday events in Monterey
If you've already popped the big question, find the perfect place for your ceremony.
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Events for the Holidays in Monterey

November 15, 2019
holiday events in Monterey
Whether you're with family or friends, make this year's holiday celebration the most memorable in Monterey.
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Vineyards and Sparkling Wines

November 1, 2019
best Monterey sparkling wines
Sparkling wine is difficult to come by if you don't know where you're looking. Visit these amazing locations for different varieties of delicious wine.
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Autumn in Monterey

October 11, 2019
visiting Monterey, CA during the Fall
Make Monterey your prime destination this fall and experience a unique trip.
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A Beautiful Day Trip in Monterey

September 27, 2019
monterey california day trips
Enjoy a wonderful day in Monterey with some friends and family.
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A Taste of Monterey

September 13, 2019
A Taste of Monterey
Visit one of the many wineries Monterey has to offer.
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62nd Annual Jazz Festival

August 30, 2019
Jazz Festival Monterey CA
Gather your friends and family to enjoy a weekend of wonderful music from a plethora of artists.
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Monterey County Fair

August 16, 2019
Monterey County Fair
Clear out your weekend and bring your family and friends to enjoy the Monterey County Fair!
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Monterey's Upcoming Events

August 2, 2019
Monterey CA upcoming events
If you have yet to plan ahead for this summer, take a look at some of these amazing events going on in Monterey!
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Monterey's Family-Friendly Wineries

July 12, 2019
family friendly wineries near Monterey CA
Roaming around Monterey with family, especially the young ones, can sometimes decide where you are going. Don't let that stop you from visiting a few of these family-friendly wineries.
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Cannery Row's Antique Mall

June 28, 2019
Cannery Row Antique Mall Monterey, CA
If you're a fan of antiques and vintage items, check out Cannery's Row for some beautiful collectibles.
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5 Parks with Beautiful Views

June 14, 2019
park with views in Monterey, CA
Learn more about your surroundings and visit some of these parks with astonishing views.
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Best Museums in Monterey

May 31, 2019
Museum of Monterey
There is plenty to explore when visiting Monterey. One great way to learn more about the area is to explore the various museums throughout the city, such as the Museum of Monterey or learning more about the Monterey Bay Aquarium animals. Read on to learn more about some of the best museums in Monterey.
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Wine Tasting Tours in Monterey

April 26, 2019
Monterey wine tasting
Monterey is well-known for some great wine tasting spots! These are 3 of the most popular.
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Activities for You and the Kids

May 10, 2019
Monterey CA with kids
Don't let time pass you by! There's plenty of wonderful places for you and your kids to have fun in Monterey.
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What To Do During the Spring in Monterey

April 12, 2019
things to do in Monterey during spring
Break out your bucket list and add these seasonal activities in Monterey.
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2019 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

March 29, 2019
U.S. Open Pebble Beach 2019
Don't miss this opportunity to catch some U.S. Open golf action on Pebble Beach.
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Monterey Bay Whale Watching

March 15, 2019
whale watching Monterey CA
With so much beautiful ocean to view, you won't want to miss whale watching in Monterey Bay.
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Enjoying Quality Time with the Kids in Monterey

February 22, 2019
monterey with kids
Need some great family time? Take the kids to monterey and have the time of your lives.
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2019 Should Be Your Year To Visit Monterey

February 5, 2019
monterey ca attractions
There are plenty of attractions in Monterey. What are you waiting for? Come plan your visit soon!
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Famous Scenes Shot in Monterey

January 25, 2019
what famous movies took place in monterey ca
Check out these famous places in Monterey, CA where some great movies were shot.
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The Most Romantic Restaurants in Monterey

January 4, 2019
most romantic restaurants in monterey ca
Treat yourself and your loved one to the most romantic restaurants in Monterey.
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Comfort Food to Enjoy in the Cold in Monterey

December 28, 2018
restaurants with comfort in food monterey ca
Treat yourself to a nice restaurant with comfort food in Monterey, CA.
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Holiday Activities in Monterey

December 7, 2018
holiday activities in monterey
Want to have some fun during the holidays? Here are some of the best holiday activities in Monterey for 2018!
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Walking Tours of Monterey

November 23, 2018
Monterey walking tour
Get to know Monterey in a unique way by taking one of these walking tours!
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Horseback Riding & Sightseeing in Monterey

November 9, 2018
monterey bay horseback riding
Experience the great outdoors in Monterey with horseback riding and sightseeing!
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Monterey Bay Aquarium Viva Baja Exhibit

October 26, 2018
 is the monterey bay aquarium worth it
When visiting Monterey Bay, there are so many fun and exciting outdoor options to choose from. One of which is the Viva Baja exhibit!
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Beautiful Running Trails in Monterey

October 5, 2018
monterey running trails
Monterey is known for it's beautiful natural sights, and it's a great place to go for a run! Check out these Monterey running trails the next time you vacation in the area.
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Kayaking & Paddleboarding in Monterey, CA

September 28, 2018
outdoor things to do in monterey
Have an adventure on the sea when visiting Monterey! Check out this guide to kayaking and paddleboarding in Monterey, CA
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The Carmel Mission

September 7, 2018
carmel ca mission
The beautiful Basilica of San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission, also known as the Carmel Mission, is a rich, historical site to see when in Monterey Bay.
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Scuba Diving in Monterey

August 24, 2018
scuba diving monterey ca
Monterey is known for it's beautiful scenery, including the Pacific Ocean! Get an up close look at the beauty by going on a scuba diving adventure!
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Moss Landing Sea Lion Pier

August 3, 2018
moss landing sea lions
Monterey is known for its beautiful wildlife and its charming history. One great way to learn all about the animals and creatures that call the area home is to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can also explore nature at the Moss Landing Pier.
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Best Eats on Cannery Row

July 30, 2018
romantic restaurants in monterey
Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or romantic restaurants in Monterey, there’s plenty of options for everyone. If you really love food, consider going on one of the Monterey food tours that are offered. It’s a great way to learn more about the city’s food and history.
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Museums of Monterey to See on Vacation

July 6, 2018
museums in monterey ca
If you enjoy trying new foods, consider checking out some of the Monterey food tours or if learning about history is more your speed, look no further than the museums in Monterey, CA. Read on to learn more about some of the museums you can explore.
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Moss Landing Antique Street Fair

June 29, 2018
moss landing antique fair
If you love vintage items and enjoy antiquing, than you’ll want to mark your calendar for July 29th, the annual Moss Landing Antique Street Fair in Monterey, CA.
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Santa Cruz Boardwalk

June 8, 2018
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
One exciting way to spend your day is by heading to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Read on to discover more.
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Castroville Artichoke Food & Wine Festival

May 25, 2018
castroville artichoke food & wine festival
This year, the annual Castroville Artichoke food & Wine Festival will take place on June 2nd and 3rd. Be sure to stay at a nearby Monterey hotel so you don’t miss out on the fun.
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Beautiful Views in Monterey

May 4, 2018
Beautiful Views in Monterey
Looking to take in the beauty of Monterey? Check out some of these places that will let you discover the natural beauty of the area while also learning more about the history of Monterey. Read on to learn more.
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Soledad Wine Country

April 27, 2018
Soledad Wine Country
Explore Soledad Wine Country! It might come as a surprise, but Napa is not the only area in California that is known for their wines. If love sipping on Sirahs and you’ll be in the Monterey area, be sure to check out the local wines. Read on to find out how you can enjoy some of the local wines.
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Best things to see on the 17 mile drive

April 10, 2018
monterey 17 mile drive
There's so much to explore on the 17 mile drive! Explore the bset things to see during the drive.
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Pebble Beach Food & Wine

March 30, 2018
pebble beach food and wine
If you’re staying in Monterey then be sure to sign up for the Pebble Beach Food and Wine festival. From April 5th through the 8th, there will be an exciting list of events and intimate access to 100 celebrity chefs as they take you through a sensory tour of wines and food that will be sure to delight your taste buds.
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A Day Trip to Monterey

March 9, 2018
roadtrip to monterey
Looking for a way to spend your day in Monterey? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these activities you can easily enjoy during your day trip to Monterey.
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Romantic Restaurants in Monterey

February 9, 2018
romantic restaurants monterey ca
Enjoying a romantic evening in Monterey by visiting one of these restaurants.
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5 Best things to do in Monterey

February 28, 2018
5 Best things to do in Monterey
If you’re not sure how to spend your time while in Monterey, there are a number of restaurants, bars, beaches and cultural locations for you to enjoy.
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Entertainment in Monterey

February 23, 2018
entertainment in monterey ca
Here's your ticket to the best entertainment in Monterey!
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Ramada Monterey Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

January 5, 2018
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
If you like to visit museums, and to learn more about the world around you, Monterey has a number of exciting museums to explore. Located near the Monterey Bay Aquarium, you’ll find the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.
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The Half Marathon at Pebble Beach

December 8, 2017
pebble beach half marathon
One of the most popular events in Monterey is the Pebble Beach Half Marathon. This annually held event was established over 20 years ago and gathers approximately 4,500 participants from around the world. The half marathon is also popular for its stunning and picturesque route held along the Pacific Coast.
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