Tour With Electric Scooters Near Monterey CA

November 12, 2021
Electric Scooters Tours near Monterey - Electric Scooter in a Park

If you're looking to explore Monterey, check out electric scooter tours. Touring on an electric scooter allows you to listen to the sound of the waves and focus on the views.

Have Fun Touring Monterey on an Electric Scooter

Monterey has several scooter tour options. Experience riding an electric scooter similar to a classic Vespa and enjoying an App-driven self-guided tour.

Or, check out the mini electric convertibles and have fun touring the coast. Whichever tour you choose, you can enjoy listening to the ocean, learning about the area, and enjoying time in Monterey.

Two Wheel Tours

Two Wheel Tours bike

Zipping around on your scooter is a fun way to explore a new city. Two Wheel Tours offers GenZe Electric Scooters, an updated electric version of the classic Vespa.

Guests can choose between the Scenic Tour or the Historic Tour. The tours are self-guided and feature GPS locations. Just load up the custom App and get going!

The App-driven tour means you can listen to fascinating information about the area while enjoying different stops. If you see additional attractions or side-trips you want to take, go for it! Many guests enjoy stopping for a picnic on the beach.

The electric scooters are quiet, so you can focus on the tour and enjoy the ride. They also have no emissions, making this the green choice for touring Monterey. Instead of renting a bike and focusing on pedaling, you can focus on the views.

Enjoy scooting through Monterey, enjoying the sound of the waves and bird calls while enjoying Monterey CA.

Sea Cart Tours

Sea Cart Tours cars

Sea Cart Tours offers visitors a new and fun way to see the coast. Sea Cart Tours offers adorable Scooter Cars with GPS navigation. These fun electric convertibles are one of Monterey’s best ways to travel in style.

Scoot Coupe

The Scoot Coupes are two-seater convertibles that look like cartoon cars. One, two, and three-hour tours are available. One-hour tours take guests to see impressive ocean vistas, Monterey's historic buildings, Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, and more.

The two-hour tour adds Pacific Grove to the attractions. The three-hour tour allows you to go at your own pace and create your tour.

California Roadster

The California Roadster seats four, perfect for a family ready for a day out. The front seat passenger must be at least four years old. The back seat is for kids between 8 and 14.

The California Roadster tour is two hours long and takes guests along the ocean and into the beautiful Pacific Grove. In addition, the tour gives families plenty of time to stop for photos and coffee in town.

Whichever tour you choose, you'll love the freedom of the road and exploring Monterey in your electric vehicle.

Electric Scooter Tour

Man driving an electric scooter

Join Viator and take a half-day electric scooter tour. Experienced staff will equip you with everything you need to enjoy a morning or afternoon exploring Monterey. The tour includes your electric scooter, helmet, App-driven GPS guided tour, cell phone holder, cell charger, and ride coaching.

This is one of the most fun ways to see Monterey at your own pace. Place your phone in the provided phone holder, listen to the narration, and follow the driving directions.

As you drive your scooter, the app will point out all the best landmarks and give you historical information on each location.

Enjoy a Monterey Adventure

Touring by electric scooters near Monterey, CA, is a great way to enjoy the day. If you love adventurous travel methods, check out our favorite options for horseback riding.


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