Enjoy Breathtaking & Peaceful Views While Sailing in Monterey

March 3, 2017
Sailing in Monterey

Located right on the bay, Monterey is an excellent destination for a romantic cruise along the water. Whether you are looking for some fun while exploring the area or are looking for a little more romance, there is a sailing option that is just for you!

Lucky for you there are a number of different sailing providers that conveniently depart from Old Fisherman’s Wharf here in Monterey. One such option is Carrera Sailing. The company offers a number of different sailing options such as the Monterey Bay Sanctuary & Nature Excursions option or the Romantic Sunset Cruise. The Romantic Sunset Cruise includes 1 ½ hours of sailing and the ability to watch the sunset while on the ocean! Monterey Sailing is another company in the area that offers a number of different cruises such as bay cruises, sunset cruises and romantic sunset dinner cruises. Typically, cruises are 1-2 hours long. For more information visit http://www.montereysailing.com/

If you are interested in setting sail while in Monterey, here are some handy tips to remember. Be sure to dress warm. Even if it is warm out on the wharf, still be sure to bring different layers of clothing as the winds are sure to pick up once you are out on the bay. Often, having three levels of clothing is the suggested amount. If sailing, wear shoes that are flat and have rubber soles. Sometimes things can get slippery on boats and it is best to wear these types of shoes to avoid slipping or falling. Consider bringing a pair of sunglasses along as the glare from the sun on the ocean can be intense. Even if it’s a cloudy day, the glare can still be bright for some. If you are worried about getting some motion sickness, be sure to take along some ginger candy as it is well known that these chewy candies work well at easing unsettled stomachs. Finally, be prepared to feel some ocean spray! While it doesn’t always happen, it is certainly a possibility to prepare for.


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