Enjoy The Great Outdoors & Explore Nature In Monterey

December 30, 2016
exploring the outdoors in monterey

Monterey Bay is an excellent place to be if you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors. From stunning coastline views to mountain tops, Monterey has a varied range of nature to enjoy that is more beautiful than pictures of Monterey. Whether you want to bike or hike, there is something for everyone. Here are some ways that you can enjoy nature during your time in Monterey Bay.

Pinnacles National Park offers unique trails and views of the area. In fact, the giant boulders that you’ll find along paths have actually formed after volcanic activity that has occurred over 20 million years ago. At Pinnacles National Park, the weather is similar to a Mediterranean climate. Here, you’ll find hot and dry summers and mild winters with little to moderate precipitation. If you would like to bring your pet along for the adventure, pets are allowed in the picnic areas, paved roads and parking lots but are not allowed on Park trails.

For a unique family experience, check out the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary. Monarch butterflies fly every year to this eucalyptus grove in Pacific Grove during their migration South. Thousands of these Monarchs hang in clusters on eucalyptus branches in order to maintain their body temperature. The resulting look however is quite stunning. The Monarch butterflies begin to arrive in October and stay all the way until February when they continue on their journey south. Join hundreds of other visitors as they make trip to see the stunning view of thousands of butterflies.

The Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail is another excellent way to the spend the day or just a small amount of time. Along the trail you’ll find stunning views and various wildlife as well. On this trail, you can walk, jog, or bike along at your own pace. The path takes you along the beautiful Monterey shoreline as it follows the coastline along Monterey Bay.


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