Hidden Gems in Monterey

February 28, 2020
Image of the Sunset

Your vacation in Monterey will undoubtedly include time at the beach, on the sea, or exploring the beautiful nature of California's central coast. What you may not realize is that Monterey offers numerous unique spots that can't be found anywhere else. The hidden gems in Monterey will add flavor to an already exciting vacation.

Couple watching a whale from a yatch

Sailing and Wildlife Tours

Whale-watching tours get most of the attention, but there are other ways to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Rent a yacht for a couple of hours or a half-day. You can sail the yacht yourself or rely on the crew. While sailing, you will see much of the wildlife you would while on a whale-watching tour, but you can do so from the privacy of your own ship. Chartered yachts offer staterooms for relaxation and dens for entertainment. Some are outfitted with televisions and video games for those youngsters who need a break from the sea.

Old Monterey Jail

You don't have to be a history buff to enjoy a visit to the Old Monterey Jail. Built in 1854, the building was used through the mid-20th century to house convicts. Today, the Old Monterey Jail is a tourist attraction, and the six-room jail is open throughout the year.

Monterey's Moon Tree

The seed that would eventually become a redwood tree in Monterey was part of a lunar experiment. Stuart Roosa, on Apollo 14, took a variety of seeds with him to the moon where they were subjected to a series of tests. When the seeds returned to earth, they were planted around the country in order to observe if any differences could be found between typical trees and those that had made the long trek to outer space.

Variety of Cheeses at The Cheese Shop

The Cheese Shop

Food lovers should not pass up the opportunity to visit the Cheese Shop. Located in Carmel Plaza, the Cheese Shop is the perfect place to try new cheeses, sip wine and find delicious souvenirs for your family, friends and yourself.

Running Trails

Among the hidden gems in Monterey are a series of gorgeous running trails. You don't have to be a runner to enjoy the Monterey running trails, as they are open to bikers and walkers as well. However, runners will find some of the most breathtaking trails in the country as they train for their next race or simply enjoy a jog. The Monterey Rec Trail is 18 miles of paved paths along the coast. Monterey Beach offers a sandy trail by the ocean. Lovers Point includes picnic benches and swimming along with its easy, one-mile trail.

Whether you prefer to shop, exercise or take in historic views, these hidden gems in Monterey are great options for singles, newlyweds, seniors, and families. Best of all, each location is easy to find and open at nearly any time you choose.


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