Beautiful Running Trails in Monterey

October 5, 2018
monterey running trails

There’s no doubt that Monterey is beautiful area of California featuring dramatic coasts and stunning cliffs. With all the natural beauty, it’s a great city for outdoor activities. If you enjoy jobbing, be sure to check out Monterey running trails so you can stay active while also taking in the views. Staying at the ramada limited means that you’ll be in easy access to all that Monterrey has to offer.

Monterey Rec Trail

The beautiful Monterey Rec Trail features 18 miles of waterfront paths offering beautiful views of Monterey By. The trail will take you from Castroville in the north all the way to Pacific Grove in the south. One of the reasons this path is so popular as it is a paved path that hugs the coast so you’ll be provided with beautiful views for however many miles you choose to run for. The path is also open to bikers as well.

Monterey Beach

If you find that you prefer to run on sand, don’t worry, Monterey beach has got you covered. Consider the popular out and back stretch that will take you from Del Monte Beach to Moss Landing. Roughly, the out and back is 2.5 miles and if you want to just go one way, its 1.67 miles from Del Monte Beach to Moss Landing. Listen to the sounds of the crashing waves, take in the pristine white sands and enjoy your run along the beach.

Lovers Point

This popular destination draws lots of visitors and locals alike to its shores. The area is a popular destination for swimming as well as using the nearby picnic benches. The beach also has a number of trails along the bluff making it a perfect destination if you’re looking to walk, run or even bike ride. You can also check out the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail that extends from Lovers Point and will end at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The trail is about 1 mile.


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