The Sea Otter Classic celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Monterey

January 21, 2015
runners preparing to start a race

The Sea Otter classic first began back in 1991 and has enjoyed much success and growth since then. This year, the Sea Otter Classic celebrates its 25th Anniversary from April 16th through the 19th. Having grown from its humble beginnings, the Sea Otter Classic now has 10,000 athletes participate and around 65,000 fans that come to cheer on the cyclists as well as take part in fun festival. Come down to cheer the mountain bikers as they race cross-country and then enjoy the world’s premier cycling festival!

If you are interested in mountain biking while staying in Monterey, then the Sea Otter Classic is just for you. During this annual race, hundreds of professional cyclists from the US and all over the world, including Olympic athletes participate in the race and even meet up with fans afterward! But what makes the race, so unique is the fact even amateur riders can participate and are encouraged to join in on the fun. Where else can amateur mountain bike riders race alongside Olympic champions? The participants will engage in a number of different races such as mountain bike cross-country, dual slalom, downhill, and short track racing. In addition, those who love mountain bike riding, but don’t want to participate in the races can still have fun. There will be a number of non-competitive, purely recreational events for mountain bikers of all ages!

In addition, the Sea Otter Classic is also home to the largest consumer bike exposition in all of North America! Come look through hundreds of vendors who are displaying their latest products, offering great deals, and many even give away free samples! There is also a huge festival that will occur throughout the weekend that will keep you entertained all day. Watch fun bike demos, be entertained by stunt shows, check out other forms live entertainment, and then head over to the international food court to fuel up. There will even be fun carnival activities for the kids! Visit their official website for more information.


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