Celebrate the Life of American Writer John Steinbeck

April 16, 2013
National Steinbeck museum

Almost everyone has read a John Steinbeck book, whether it was for school or just for leisure. Though his books are world famous, how much do you know about John Steinbeck the person? If you will be staying in one of the hotels in Monterey, CA the first week of May, take a trip to Salinas to learn all about the life of John Steinbeck at the 33rd annual Steinbeck Festival.

John Steinbeck truly loved his home of Salinas, California. The endless fields and beautiful landscapes inspired his writing and were even the settings of some of his works. The National Steinbeck Center opened its doors in 1998 with the goal of celebrating Steinbeck’s works, philosophy, and life. The Center has the largest collection of Steinbeck archives in the United States within its walls. Aside from its Steinbeck theme, the Center also wishes to encourage the arts, literature, agriculture, and education.

The Steinbeck Festival does not solely take place at the museum. There are different events within the festival that you can purchase tickets for. Want to learn more about the town that Steinbeck grew up in? Take the Tour of Salinas Rodeo where you will learn all about the history of the town. Want to experience history first hand? Take the Tour of Old Town Salinas where not only will you see the town, but you will receive an oral history lesson from local community members who have lived in Salinas their entire lives. After a tour, take some time to relax during the Books & Beer by the Bay reception where you can choose from over twenty different beers to enjoy while watching the sunset on the bay. These are just a few of the many activities to take part in at the festival!

Bring the whole family to the Steinbeck Festival for a fun learning experience. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Event Details

Times: vary by day

Parking: $4

Location: National Steinbeck Center


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