Big Sur Half Marathon Returns to Monterey Area

October 30, 2013
two ladies running during a marathon

This November 17th, approximately 9,000 runners will be congregating on Del Monte Avenue, Monterey, for the eleventh presentation of the famous Big Sur Half Marathon. This beautiful course takes in some of the best scenery in the area to create what has become an immensely popular running event, perfect for those visiting hotels near Big Sur California.

From one of the twelve starting corrals, runners will move towards Lake El Estero and run through the stunning natural surroundings of this open recreational area. As the course reaches the end of the lake, a right turn will lead participants 

around the eastern edge of the lake, while in another half mile the group will cross the bridge to run through a eucalyptus grove – sharing the road with the resident flock of Canada geese!

As the route then moves into a residential area, small businesses start to appear at the side of the road – passing through Pearl Street and on into the downtown Monterey area up the main thoroughfare, Alvarado Street. Turning right where Alvarado Street meets Franklin Street the course moves past the starting area and on into the tunnels beneath Custom House. Emerging back into the light, the course moves on to Cannery Row, made famous by John Steinbeck, and up towards the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This area of the route has spectacular views out over Lover’s Point, which perhaps distract from the slight incline! The course has only one hill, Fountain Avenue, after which the route turns back towards downtown Pacific Grove residential area, taking in the Pacific Grove Museum grounds and ‘Sandy’ their whale! This section then loops back towards central Pacific Grove before it re-joins Ocean View Boulevard and its beautiful views. The course continues to take in some of the most stunning areas of the region, including mini mansions and the bay, aloe vera plantations and much more besides.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)


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