Best Outdoor Activities in Monterey, CA

July 24, 2020
Woman with a little girl on her bike next to the beach - Best Outdoor Activities in Monterey

Located right on the water, Monterey County is one of the top vacation destinations in California for visitors who love the great outdoors. While you'll find restaurants for lunch and dinner and museums where you can kill some time when the rain hits, but no one would blame you if you wanted to spend most of your trip outside. Monterey Bay is the perfect place to swim and play in the water, but you'll find even more things to do when you look at the best outdoor activities in Monterey County.

Whale Watching

People enjoying watching a whale on the ocean

Whales are majestic animals that you might only see on television or in zoos and aquariums. Monterey County tour guides offer trips that let you get as close as possible to these animals. You can choose between trips that last for just a few hours and those that allow you to spend an entire day on the water. Perfect for adults and kids, the trips depart daily and are easy to find when you head over to Old Fisherman's Wharf. Reserving spots ahead of time allows you to choose the time and date of your tour.

Beach Day

What could be better than spending a day on the beach with the freshwater in front of you and the hot sand below you? Monterey County is home to different beaches that are suitable for both kids and adults. You might like Lovers Point Beach, which has an entrance to the local recreational trail. It takes only minutes to hop on your bike and cycle away when you want a change of scenery. Most of the nearby beaches have mild waves that won't knock you over and both parking lots and clean restrooms. Some are close to other activities too.


Couple kayaking

The best outdoor activities in Monterey County for those who like adventure sports include kayaking and paddleboarding. Guides are available for those who need extra help and visitors who want to learn about the local ecosystem. Those who work as guides for Kayaking and paddleboarding in Monterey CA help you travel through Cannery Row, where dozens of seals and sea lions live. These marine animals are so curious about humans that they'll often swim right up to your canoe and climb on top. The waves through this part of the bay offer fun for those who enjoy paddleboarding too.

Other Things to Do

Point Lobos State Reserve is one of the top places to hit if you like being outside. The Bird Island Trail is just the right size for cyclists and close to shops that allow you to rent a bike for the day. China Cove and Gibson are only two of the beaches here. Lake El Estero is another popular hotspot that has paddle boats you can rent for a few hours. It provides easy access to a skateboard park too. As you look at the best outdoor activities in Monterey County, you'll find several places to golf on your trip, such as the Peter Hay Golf Course, to start your journey.


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