Attend the Sea Changes ACT Opening Reception at the Museum of Monterey

February 20, 2014
close-up of fish

The Museum of Monterey has an important role in the community, celebrating Monterey’s connection to the ocean through its collection of more than fifty thousand artifacts. A range of permanent exhibitions speak of local maritime events: the USS Macon shipwreck off the nearby Point Sur, ancient Spanish explorations of the Californian coast, sardines and their industry here, and the historic Ohlone and Rumsien tribespeople who formerly inhabited the Monterey area. Free entry makes it popular with residents and visitors alike, bringing families and guests of all ages to explore its collections of textiles, photographs, paperwork, and costumes.

Aside from its permanent exhibitions, the Museum of Monterey is also host to a range of temporary displays and special events throughout the year. Of these, the Sea Changes ACT is one that’s not to be missed. It is an exhibition of painting and mixed media artwork alongside photography and videography pieces. It will open on March 8th and run until March 25th. The Sea Changes ACT Opening Reception on March 8th will run between 2pm and 6pm, attracting all those people looking for a first view at the art within. A collection of fourteen scientists and artists was formed to put together this showcase of motivational pieces, and they are looking to address the contemporary issues of climate change, the importance of sustainable fishing practice, and the problems of plastic pollution. Under the direction of lead artist Kira Carillo Corser, her team sought to bridge the gap between the creative and the scientific. Artists worked closely with national and regional ocean management programs and sea-life experts to put together this collection of striking works.

Sea Changes ACT is one of four exhibitions this spring 2014 curated by Jennifer Colby. Each looks into Monterey’s unique maritime heritage in an innovative and creative manner. Since it was conceived in the 1970s, the Museum has sought to explore this relationship and to preserve the rich heritage of ocean involvement in the area. Visitors staying at one of the hotels around Monterey are encouraged to attend this event.


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